Innovation in society through logistics

More than moving your cargo, we give value to your business operations. Contact us today and see it for yourself.

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Our Strength

Optimize & Maximize your business with our 3 outstanding capabilities

Based on "Tomoiki Spirit" " 220+years caltivated history" "Comprehensive strength of 140+Group Companies" , we continue to respond to all your needs.

Our Strength

3 Outstanding Capabilities to Optimize and Maximize Your Business

With integration of #1"Problem solving capability", #2"On site capability", #3"Value creating Capability" caltivated by 220+ years history and experience, we support to optimize and maximize your business


Problem-solving capability

We solve our customers' issues from the viewpoint of optimization cultivated through 220 years of experience.


On-site capability

Our specialists adept in logistic know-how offer best-in-class logistic services.


Value-creating capability

Suzuyo and its group companies as a whole, creates new values that open up the future.

About Us

Suzuyo America, Inc.

Suzuyo America, Inc. is a prime overseas base of Suzuyo Group with more than 220 years. We optimize and maximize your business through our comprehensive logistics with overviewing of your supply chain.

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Year Founded

JPY 492B

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Suzuyo's Solutions for Emergency Cargoes

We make overall optimal proposals in line with sudden changes in the logistics environment.

Our Services


In addition to contributing to our customers through logistics, we pursue the realization of a sustainable society by working on a variety of social issues in different fields.


Provision of services that meet every need combining our 8 businesses in logistics, DX field, etc.

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Suzuyo America, Inc. / Est. Sep 1, 1990

Tsutomu Hirao, President

Kimitake Fujita, Managing Director
Address: C/O UPS Supply Chain Solutions
5356 GA Hwy. 85, Suite 100, Forest Park, GA 30297


Koji Yamada, Director
Address: C/O UPS Supply Chain Solutions
490 Supreme Drive, Bensenville, IL 60106

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