Meet the team

To our customers, partners, and communities,

Suzuyo America, Inc. was established in 1990 as an American subsidiary of Suzuyo & Co., Ltd.

The environment surrounding "logistics," which is indispensable to our lives, has become harder to navigate with the outbreak of pandemics, wars, and droughts in canals that are believed to be caused by global warming. In the US, there is also a great need for more efficient logistics due to soaring prices and labor costs, as well as shortage of labor.

Based on Suzuyo's corporate philosophy of teamwork, we at Suzuyo America, Inc.

  • Will strive to be a company that is always needed by society through our logistics network, which is social infrastructure, in order to respond to this VUCA age, when it is difficult to predict the future for society and business.
  • Are committed to building bonds with our customers and providing valuable services by addressing their apparent and latent issues through "corporate research" activities and working with them to solve those issues.
  • Are committed to pursuing wellbeing through the Suzuyo Group in order to create an industry that rewards and attracts people involved in logistics, based on the spirit of symbiosis that is Suzuyo's corporate philosophy.

Tsutomu Hirao

President, Suzuyo America, Inc