Import/Export Customs Clearance and Compliance Consulting

Import/export Customs Clearance And Compliance Consulting

Shipping involves much paperwork that might cause you stress. However, with our customs consulting services, you can have a partner you can depend on to comply with the agency’s standards and acquire the necessary clearances.

Suzuyo America works to help you understand the import/export policies through:

  • Licensed CHB
    Our professional brokers can help you process everything you need to get your shipment through, from clearance acquisition and beyond.

  • Duty Drawback
    We’ll help you get the right refund that’s appropriate for you. Our duty drawback experts will navigate your import/export transactions to determine apt service cost cutdowns.

Suzuyo’s Well-Experienced Engineering Service include both the traditional field service and consultant service to insure quick and accurate shipments.

Manpower Reduction

Cost Reduction

Improve Work Efficiency

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