Our Strength

Our Strength

Based on our underpinning spirit of "Tomoiki (Symbiosis)", "220 years history of accumulated self-improvement" and "consolidated power of our 140 group companies", Suzuyo continues to respond to our customers' needs and supports social infrastructures.

3 capabilities of Suzuyo


1. Problem Solving Capability

We solve your problems from an optimization perspective caltivated by 220+years experience


2. On-site capability

Our logistics specialist with outstanding expertise offer you 1st class logistic services.

  • Licensed customs house broker: 280
  • Japan/Overseas warehouse facility: 170
  • Licensed customs house broker: 2,400


3. Value creating capability

Our 140+ group companies and 12,000+ specialized employee keep taking on new challenge to create new values for your future.

  • 1st in the world: Wing-type swap-body developed in 2002
  • 1st in Japan: Tubed mayonnaise developed in 1956
  • Fish-derived antidiabetic drug Insulin developed in 1941