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We provide the best ocean transportation such as dry container, specialized container, and LCL as per customer's needs. Our ocean freight services can load huge shipments and deliver them to your desired destination efficiently.


Through a strategic alliance with UPS, we transport urgent cargo around the world to its destinations promptly by linking our overseas bases with their network of 400 bases in 120 countries.


In addition to domestic delivery, we collaborate with Suzuyo Mexico to provide stable transportation quality for border services between the US and Mexico, where demand is increasing.

Our Strength 01

Provide optimal transportation for each customer.

  • Offer a variety of services such as ocean/air, international courier service, and truck in the US for US/Mexico cross-border deliveries.
  • Shorten lead time and secure stable space by optimizing and streamlining logistics.

Our Strength 02

Supporting your supply chain with our global network covering 140 countries.

  • The only strategic partner in Japan with UPS, one of the world's leading logistics integrators.
  • UPS's network in more than 140 countries combined with Suzuyo's overseas offices create a globally integrated transportation system.

Our Strength 03

Achieving SDGs through highly specialized services.

  • Providing high productivity and eco-friendly logistics by optimal proposal for upstream processes of supply chain.
  • Integrated management of cargo movement and trade documents through the import/export information coordination platform.
  • Reduction of your workload through a proposal for DX and business outsourcing based on an analysis of your company's work processes.

Suzuyo’s Well-Experienced Engineering Service include both the traditional field service and consultant service to insure quick and accurate shipments.

Manpower Reduction

Cost Reduction

Improve Work Efficiency

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