Packing Style Engineering

We propose optimal cargo shape by simulation using 3D data. Based on our experience and expertise in logistics and cargo shape design, this service improves the efficiency of transportation and operations.

Do you have any of these problems?

  • Want to implement the optimal packaging style and reduce logistics cost.
  • Want to prevent damage and rust during transportation.
  • Want to standardize packing specification at all locations, including overseas.

Suzuyo's Packing Style Engineering can solve the problems.


1. We offer packaging design to save logistics cost and reduce CO2.

  • Optimized design supports efficient transportation and operations.
  • Improved filling rate per case or pallet while maintaining product quality.
  • Reduce logistics costs by designing cargo to maximize transportation efficiency.


2. Our packaging style prevents damage, rust, or corrosion during transportation.

  • Packing material to prevent collapsing during transportation based on data analysis of strength test.
  • Optimal loading of containers, including stacking and securing items
  • Propose packaging materials after investigating causes of rust and corrosion.


3. We offer standardized high-quality packing specifications at all locations, including overseas.

  • By utilizing 3D data of products, we can make proposals without the actual product.
  • Integrated services including cargo shape design, material procurement, prototyping, evaluation testing, and logistics in countries around the world.
  • We have experience providing services in more than 10 countries overseas, mainly in North America, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia.

Suzuyo’s Well-Experienced Engineering Service include both the traditional field service and consultant service to insure quick and accurate shipments.

Manpower Reduction

Cost Reduction

Improve Work Efficiency

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