Information System Solution

Import/Export Infromation Platform:LTS

Logistics Information Service

LTS (Logistics Tracking System) is a platform system for centralized management of import/export progress and documents. This will help you manage your movements in Excel and reduce confirmations via business emails and phone calls. Through updating information in real time for all users, you will be able to communicate the delivery date to your customer.

Do you have any of these problems?

  • Lack of information on where your container is or the shipping schedule
  • Failure to make arrangements occur
  • Insufficient management for documents and transportation status

Suzuyo can solve these problems with our LTS.

Six points for using LTS to reduce man-hours and improve logistics quality

Sharing all information in real time in the web system

You can access and view the system anytime. Viewing restrictions can be set for each user.

Cut down on sending out manual emails and phone calls by setting up automatic emails.

When renewal time approaches, an automatic renewal notice is sent to your customers; you don't need to worry about remembering to send an email out manually.

Prevention of missed arrangement by email alerts.

You can specify a date item and have the email sent out automatically to prevent missed arrangements with deadlines.

Free item settings enable management with unique required items

Your company can efficiently manage the system by setting up management items that are suitable for its own operations.

Reduction of time spent searching for documents and pictures.

Files such as documents or pictures can be attached in the system. You can download files from the system.

Aggregation and analysis of necessary data can be performed by extracting data with criteria set by the company.

You can search and export data with management items you set. LTS data can be used to aggregate and analyze for your logistics information.

Suzuyo’s Well-Experienced Engineering Service include both the traditional field service and consultant service to insure quick and accurate shipments.

Manpower Reduction

Cost Reduction

Improve Work Efficiency

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