Our Credo

Backbone of our management

In Suzuyo Group, as our strong hold of management, we have a word "Tomoiki" (directly translated in English as " Symbiosis") which has been inherited to us and passed down generation to generation.

Through the process in which a company starts living on its own and each of its' employees likewise start living on their own, a mutual spiritual backbone is generated connecting us with our local community, our customers, our business partners and with each other.

This recognition also is a part of the history of our self-innovation inherited since our foundation. And we will continue to aim to be a corporation trusted by the society and people who make up society, with this spirit of "Tomoiki".

  1. Tomoiki with Society
    Through each of our core competences, we continue to contribute to the local community, to society and to the nation and likewise on an individual level, each of us continue to positively participate in social activities with awareness and empathy that each one of us is a member of the community.
  2. Tomoiki with customers/business partners
    Through each of our core competences, we continue to acquire expertise in each field proposing quality services to please our customers providing our own innovated know-how, systems and products etc. leveraging the ability we have gained through our extensive experiences to correctly judge exactly what is required for each customer.
  3. Tomoiki with co-workers and group companies
    Each one of our employees and group companies will continue to improve themselves through friendly rivalry (giving/taking), to grow and stand alone as a social and organizational individual member and as an independent company, by receiving good stimulation through the place called Suzuyo Group.